Historic Can-Am 2021 - 2022 Schedule

2021 HCAA Feature Schedule

Sept 30 -  Oct 3 American Speed Festival at M1 Concourse Detroit, MI

This is a multi-day motorsports celebration with on track exhibitions, tours, parties, and race car expo.

The event will salute Jim Hall and his innovative Can-Am, Endrance and Indy 500 Chaparrals.  Three specially invited ten 1966-1970 car exhibition groups will do laps  on the 1.5 mile circuit.  These are Can-Am group, Endurance group, Indy 500 group each headed by a Chaparral.  The Indy car group is headed by the 1980 ground effects Indy 500 and CART Championship car driven by Johnny Rutherford.  There are also lapping sessions, banquets, receptions and tours for enthusiasts who wish to enter.

Info: www.americanspeedfestival.com

2021 HCAA Vintage Racing Schedule
No major features planned due to COVID, no travel except when necessary advisories
2022 HCAA Vintage Racing Schedule
August 11-14 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway:  The planned Can-Am race and festivities will salute the 55th Anniversary of the original 1966-1974 Canadian America Cup Series originally planned for 2021.  1966-2021, 55 years


Info: Dan Davis HCAA Chairman, 650-321-1411 or [email protected]




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